Friday, August 30, 2013

Top 10 Vacation Spots for Senior Adults

top 10 vacation spots for senior adults, senior market research
Enjoying the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.
Senior adults (aka the "Baby Boomers") have time and money on their hands, hence they enjoy a bit of traveling from time to time. These are the Top 10 vacation spots they like to go outside of the United States. 

For any company tracking current senior market research in order to reach this market, consider these popular travel destinations in your marketing plans.

1. France: The lifestyle and culture of France make it a place that senior travelers must visit. France is considered the top travel destinations by many people in the world. The reason for this include the famous French cuisine, French wines, and the rich heritage and culture of this country. The magnificent Alps, soaring churches, historic castles, waterfalls, lakes, and there are many more places to enchant the senior travelers in their trip to France. And, of course, the Eiffel Tower in Paris is a huge draw.

2. Italy: Rome is the seat of Catholic power and it attracts the visitors from all over the world, seniors or otherwise. Apart from that you get the opportunity to see St. Peter’s Basilica, the massive Colosseum, and many more places. The affordable costs of lodging, meals, and well-maintained public transport makes Italy a great place for senior travelers.

3. Switzerland: There are many travel packages that are available for travel to Switzerland. These packages are specially catered according to the needs of senior travelers and the affordability of staying in Switzerland makes it a great destination for travel. Switzerland offers snowy mountains, breathtaking views and beautiful lakes among many other things.

4. Spain: The diversity in the culture of Spain is increased as you travel deep into the country. The casual lifestyle, affordable accommodations, and easy going people of Spain, combine together to make it a great destination for senior travelers.

5. United Kingdom: The UK offers some really attractive perks to make it a senior friendly tourist destination. The Oyster Card, is a prepaid card that allows the seniors to travel in London without spending too much on traveling. There are many senior-friendly places to visit in United Kingdom, which are free for visit to them. 

6. Australia: Another country that offers many benefits to senior travelers if you visit. All the major Australian cities offer superb environment for dining, with a host of cafes, pubs, restaurants, and other dining places. Many of these places have special sections for senior guests. The quaint streets of Australia offer a great environment to enjoy your vacation while walking through them.

7. Caribbean Cruises: The Caribbean Islands are a great place if you want to visit a place that's still close to home. There are many cruises that take senior travelers to these islands. These cruises offer special packages designed especially for senior citizens. They are affordable and offer more facilities for comfortable travel, so that you can enjoy your vacation. Plus, these ocean liners are like full-blown cities on the sea.

8. Kenya: The safari of Kenya, Africa is famous among the travelers all over the world. However, if you think that this wildlife adventure trip is too much for you, then think again. You would get all the luxuries of the world in these safari destinations at affordable costs. The comfort and convenience that senior travelers would get, ensures that they enjoy the thrill of safari with zero-hassles. 

9. Egypt: Another place that offers plenty of sight-seeing opportunity to senior citizens. There are pyramids, the beautiful ancient structures, which make you feel part of a history that is rooted in the beginnings of Middle Eastern civilization.Vacationing in Egypt is a cheaper option than many may think.

10. Dubai: This metropolis in the United Arab Emirates offers you the beauty and grandness of man-made structures all at the same place. If you want to see the biggest collection of man-made islands, world’s tallest building, or world’s most luxurious hotel, you can find all these things at Dubai. You would most luxurious facilities of the world in this place at easily affordable price. It’s a nice place for senior travelers to enjoy their vacation.

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